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Blackwater Employment Requirements

Blackwater is one of the largest private military corporations in the world, and has thousands of security contractors in its employ. Most of these modern mercenaries are former Special Forces personnel, law enforcement agents, and soldiers, who have gone into the private sector – perhaps for the lucrative salaries involved, or for a change of pace. Because of this, Blackwater employment requirements must be up to some pretty high standards, and this is reflected in the various requirements for each combat-oriented job. Even jobs that don't really require combat qualifications – instruction jobs, managerial positions and even cooking and logistical job opportunities, require some form of combat experience or deployment. This is necessary because a lot of their jobs involve overseas deployment, to areas under dispute or hostile territory.

There are certain requirements that are common to all jobs. The foremost of Blackwater employment requirements would be that a candidate must be a US citizen. This is because contractors will be sent to serve in training facilities, mostly in areas that are occupied by US military troops. In addition to this, a candidate must have a US passport and driver's license, as well as a certain level of proficiency in English. Finally, quoted directly from the Blackwater career opportunities site: "All candidates should be willing and able to work in a high-threat environment and pass pre-deployment medical screening to include a Physical Training test." More specific requirements exist for individual jobs. The aforementioned cooking job, "XPG Cook," requires experience in inventory, food service, safe handling of foods, and the like. The job opening for "Armed Security Guard" requires a military or police background in security, or training that could serve as expedient in that regard. All in all, the requirements for each job are tailored towards maximizing the potential of candidates for the position, and there's a lot of competition to be had on the resume level alone.

Blackwater employment requirements, though, aren't just designed to produce the best contractors for each job, but also to protect the unqualified from entering hostile areas. It would not do well for someone untrained or inexperienced to be sent to Iraq as a security guard, where he might not only endanger himself but others as well, through neglect or incompetence. In the end, though, Blackwater employment requirements are not impossible to pass through, and if you meet the minimum and at the same time are looking for a well-paying, high-stakes job, look no further.