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Blackwater Employment Application

The lucrative private military contracts industry finds one of its largest proprietors in the world's largest private military company – Blackwater. One of the three military contractors that the US Department of Defense formally negotiates with, ninety-five percent of all Blackwater employees are former military, security or law-enforcement specialists, and the qualifications necessary to become even just a cook on an overseas contract are unusually high, to ensure that only the best are sent to serve at any time. Blackwater employment application follows a set of steps that, at first, seem to be hardly any different from that of any other company. The tests and the requirements that precede and succeed, however, are what set this corporation apart from the rest.

The first step in an Blackwater employment application would be determining whether you want to have a full-time job at the North Carolina division of the organization, or be deployed on shorter, better-paying but riskier jobs overseas in locations such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Either way, a good start would be the Blackwater website's careers page, at which a list of all job openings is available. You can also call or fax them at their head office, or email them about your concerns. All contact details are available on the website itself. Once you've figured out what you want to apply for, you need to determine whether you are viable for the position you've chosen. All positions have the minimum requirement of being a US citizen and a high school graduate. Overseas contracts have more stringent minimums, with a US passport, security clearance and military training and experience mandatory for all applicants. Each position has its own specifications; a cook will need to understand food safety and have experience in the logistics of transporting food, while a firearms instructor will need to have a certain certification to even be considered for the job. Once you've understood all the requirements, fill out and submit your application using the online form, or go directly to their office and finish it up yourself there.

Blackwater is a very competitive company, with high pay and thrilling jobs that actually contribute directly and tangibly to the betterment of the military. Consequently, Blackwater employment application can be challenging, in light of the kinds of people you'd be up against, the qualifications you'd need to even be considered, and the minimum requirements. That aside, Blackwater employment application is recommended for anyone who thinks that they're up to the task, as it has plenty of rewards to reap if successful.